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Cozy up during the winter solstice with 4 cold-weather cocktails

It might be the shortest day of the year, but happy hour is still on.
/ Source: TODAY

Actor, model and mixologist Garvey Alexander is joining TODAY to share a few of his favorite festive holiday cocktail recipes. He shows us how to make a grape and elderflower gin drink, wintery lemonade with ginger, spiced apple cider and a cozy bourbon and chocolate sipper.

Grape Valley

This cocktail is perfect for brunch with friends, yet elegant and flavorful enough to accompany a meal during dinner. It's classy-looking with a high alcohol content like a martini, but much easier to drink.

Winter Lemonade

This is my favorite way to drink leftover wine! I'm also a big fan of creating and drinking wine-based cocktails. The zesty citrus flavor pairs well with the spice from the ginger. I find the subtle crisp apple notes in sauvignon blanc perfect in my winter lemonade.

Apple Cider Pitcher

Whether served cold or hot, apple cider is a staple for the holiday season. I've found that most bottled ciders are too plain. The homemade spiced syrup in this recipe elevates and adds the complexity needed to wow your guests. This is one of my favorites because the whole family can enjoy it together as a nonalcoholic beverage.

Bourbon Cozy

If you're craving chocolate, this will satisfy your sweet tooth. I really enjoy having this as the grand finale instead of dessert.

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