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'Coffee ice' might just be the new whipped coffee

Make iced coffee super easily with this genius method from TikTok.
katielopynski/ Tik Tok

TikTok is full of creative ways to make coffee, but a new video shows what might be the most satisfying method yet.

The short video, posted by vegan chef and fitness instructor Katie Lopynski, shows a neat and easy way to make a cinnamon coffee iced latte.


coffee ice + oat milk + cinnamon✨ have you ever made coffee ice cubes? ##youhaveto ##asmr ##coffee ##morningcheer

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Lopynski starts the recipe with coffee, frozen into dozens of tiny ice cubes, which she calls "coffee ice." Next comes a generous serving of oat milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Stir the mixture up with a straw to blend the flavors, and you're all set.

Lopynski has posted several other similar videos on her account, showing how the "coffee ice" can be used to make almost any delicious coffee recipe easily at home. Coffee ice cubes have long been a staple for some, since they keep coffee cool without watering it down, but Lopynski's version, which involves tiny cubes and no liquid coffee, is not only genius but incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

"Coffee ice" is far from the first coffee-related hack to come out of TikTok during the pandemic. In March 2020, whipped coffee took over the platform as users mixed instant coffee, sugar and hot water into a cloud-like concoction. The frothy recipe quickly evolved to include strawberry and peanut butter-flavored versions.

Other food trends on the social media platform have included cloud bread, a keto-friendly, magical-looking treat that can be made with just three ingredients, and pancake cereal, an extremely time-intensive but beautiful breakfast. For bakers who are really looking to get outside their comfort zone, there's "froggy bread," a delightful, amphibian-shaped loaf.

Some more practical recipes have also seen a revival while people spend more time at home, like Depression cake, a rich chocolate cake that was initially popularized during the Great Depression and can be made without milk, butter or eggs. Another TikTok video explained how to make a quick and easy creme brûlée with just a handful of basic ingredients.