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Cinnabon-flavored pancake rollups are coming to Walmart

Take your holiday breakfast game to the next level.
/ Source: TODAY

Lots of families enjoy cinnamon rolls over the holidays. After all, they're the perfect main for a special breakfast and they even make a decadent dessert after a big meal.

Walmart has just upped the cinnamon-swirled ante with a new kit that combines two beloved foods. Starting Nov. 1, the big-box retailer will be selling a Cinnabon pancake-making kit that looks just as decadent as it sounds.

Cinnabon Rolled Pancake Kit Walmart

The kit contains a mix that makes six large, fluffy pancakes that are infused with Cinnabon's Makara cinnamon blend (it's what makes those stores smell so good).

It also comes with instructions for how to make the chain's special icing at home which can then be slathered liberally across the pancakes. Take that, syrup! When the pancakes are suitably iced, all you need to do is roll them up for an impressive and tasty sweet course.

The kit also comes with packets of hot cocoa to make a totally drool-worthy holiday spread. Since the kit also comes with mugs, it might make a fun gift for a holiday exchange party ... or for any friend who just loves sweets.

Pancake-loving folks on Twitter are super excited to get their hands on it.

This isn't the first incredible mashup idea from Cinnabon. In 2017, the company stuffed chocolate chip cookies into its mini cinnamon rolls. People also went understandably nuts when Pizza Hut added mini Cinnabon rolls to its menu, nixing the need for a drive to the mall to pick up a pack.

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