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Chuck E. Cheese launches pizza delivery — for a hefty price

The family-friendly restaurant chain is bringing the party right to your door. But it's not cheap.
Chuck E Cheese's
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/ Source: TODAY

Chuck E. Cheese is ready to throw a pizza party in its customers' houses, but not everyone is going to be willing to throw down the cash to pay for it.

The chain, which is best known for its animatronic, pizza-loving rodent, announced Tuesday that it's rolling out a new Pizza Party Pack delivery service so it can bring its cheesy pizza, a dessert and even some brightly colored decorations from its kitchen to your door.

The catch? The pack, which the chain says will cover a party of up to 12 people, costs $125. And no, they won't be delivering a skee-ball machine ... or a mouse.

Chuck E Cheese and DoorDash
Chuck E. Cheese(R) launched a Pizza Party Pack that will deliver a chain-themed party to customers' doors.CEC Entertainment, Inc.

A spokesperson for A Chuck E. Cheese told TODAY Food that the pack includes three large, one-topping pizzas (which the chain makes in-house from start to finish); a signature Chuck E. Cheese sheet cake with a topper and cake cutter; two plastic tablecloths (one should be used as a photo backdrop); paper plates, napkins and utensils; a few party props like plastic sunglasses and assorted candy.

To top it off, the package also includes 100 tickets that can be redeemed at any Chuck E. Cheese location in the U.S. and they never expire.

While the party package is geared towards kids, a spokesperson for the chain said all of the items could easily be enjoyed at an office party or any last minute get-together for people who just want some pizza and cake.

But $125 is pretty steep once someone does the math (unless you really, really need a Chuck E. Cheese branded table cloth).

Three large, one-topping pizzas cost $8 each ($24 total) at Domino's, which can also be delivered. A customized sheet cake at Walmart is approximately $19, and for the assorted candy and party supplies, let's go with a dollar store haul and round up to $20. Not including the tickets (which would indeed require a later visit to Chuck E. Cheese), a DIY version of this party would cost $63, about half of what the chain is charging.

Now maybe we'd reconsider if Chuck E. himself would throw in that candy corn pizza the restaurant was offering last year.

For now, the pizza party can only be delivered via Door Dash and is running via a test-phase in San Diego, California. The chain is looking to "expand nationally," but the spokesperson was unable to specify a date.

Should a group of colleagues, parents or young kids outside the San Diego area require a Chuck E. Cheese-like fix without setting foot in Chuck E. Cheese anytime soon, just keep in mind that throwing a pizza party is pretty easy to do on your own.