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18 best Christmas breakfast casseroles to make your morning easy

These sweet and savory make-ahead dishes are so wonderful, it'll feel like Santa dropped them off himself.
/ Source: TODAY

Wondering what to make for Christmas breakfast or brunch so your morning is as relaxing as possible? Look no further than the breakfast casserole.

An easy-to-make-ahead option, breakfast casseroles can be sweet or savory, vegetarian or meat-filled. They're made to serve a crowd so no one is left feeling hangry like the Grinch.

Whether you opt to make a simple French toast that will fill the air with the scent of warming spices (no stove-hovering necessary!) or a cheesy strata with caramelized onions, the make-ahead breakfast casserole ensures every home cook gets a spot on the nice list this year.

Savory breakfast casseroles

The trick to this dish's simplicity is that it can be prepared with all the leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner. It couldn't be easier to cube some meat, roughly chop some vegetables and even utilize your leftover bread for a yummy, cheesy egg dish that all can enjoy the next day.

Bagel and Lox Breakfast Casserole

In a version of the iconic breakfast dish adapted by Jewish immigrants more than a century ago, Siri Daly blends bagels with lox with her Midwestern roots. She turns the chilled sandwich into a classic hot dish (as it's called in the home of the casserole) with torn chunks of everything bagels, chive cheeses, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Brooklyn's Brunch Casserole

A Lachey family tradition since Vanessa and Nick first spent the holidays together in 2006, this morning casserole is super versatile. While it's easy to doctor up with other ingredients, it's all about the sausage, eggs, cheese and store-bought buttermilk biscuits.

Layered with sausage, two kinds of cheese, savory sun-dried tomatoes, leafy greens and a base of the tried-and-true hash brown potatoes, this breakfast casserole has it all. Assemble the casserole at night and pop it in the oven the next morning.

Since the classic combination of sausage, peppers and onions on a soft hoagie is a timeless Italian American dish, why not throw it all together in a casserole everyone will love? With the simple addition of eggs, this salty staple becomes an inviting meal of which everyone will want a scoop.

Allowing this to set overnight ensures the custard soaks into the bread perfectly, and the interior develops a soufflé like texture as it bakes. The leeks add a natural sweetness to the dish, which complements the earthiness of the breakfast sausage perfectly.

This egg-based dish is packed with Mexican flavors like green chiles and fresh cilantro. Canned green chiles aren't too spicy so it's a good recipe for folks who enjoy just a little kick. The dark meat chicken adds more protein and a heartiness that will ensure any leftovers can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

Breakfast Casserole Cupcakes

These cupcakes go in the savory category because they're packed with cheesy, eggy goodness. They're perfect for large gatherings, formal brunches or for the people who want to get a hearty meal in while ravenously unwrapping gifts on the living room floor. These can not only be made in advance, but also freeze really well, in case you feel like cooking a couple weeks before the holiday.

Grandma's Egg Surprise

This quick, easy and delicious breakfast casserole is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maria Harvey likes to serve it with monkey bread for a taste of something salty and something sweet.

Reminiscent of French onion soup, this rich breakfast casserole oozes with melted Gruyère, sweet caramelized onions, thyme and tender sourdough bread. Made with a dozen eggs, there's plenty of this decadent dish to go around.

Day-After Party Egg Casserole

Entertaining on Christmas Eve? This recipe is a brilliant use for a leftover charcuterie platter. The savory meats, melty cheeses and zesty veggies make it a hearty meal that will fill you up after a night of fun.

This slow-cooker pulled pork biscuit casserole is so delicious that's you're going to want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The idea of cooking something as quick and easy as a frittata for eight hours seems a bit counterintuitive. Especially if you want something hot, savory and delicious (not to mention fast) for Christmas breakfast. Enter the slow cooker! Combine layers of shredded potatoes, sausage, cheese, onions, peppers and eggs, set it on low before bedtime, and by 7 a.m., breakfast is ready.

Sweet breakfast casseroles

It's not figgy pudding, but Siri Daly's decadent bread pudding is perfect for anyone that loves buttery bread and rich, dark chocolate. So, basically, everyone.

Eggnog Breakfast Casserole

There is no better way to wake up on Christmas morning than to the scent of warm baking spices. Assemble this easy breakfast bread pudding the night before then pop it in the oven to bake while you open presents.

Blueberry French Toast Casserole

This blueberry French toast is an amazing way to celebrate lazy Sundays and festive holidays. You can assemble it a day or two before and let it sit in the fridge. It actually does better because the creamy sauce and sweet blueberries have time to really soak into the bread.

Whip up a crowd-pleasing serving of thick-cut challah French toast for your special holiday brunch with this make-ahead recipe. It's a really straightforward recipe that will satisfy even those who think French toast has to have those grilled edges from the skillet.

Pumpkin Spice French Toast Casserole

"With this casserole, I make it a day or two ahead and just pop it in the oven an hour or so before people arrive. When they get here, the house is filled with the smell of pumpkin spice, maple syrup and freshly brewed coffee," chef Ryan Scott says about this winning dish.