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Chrissy Teigen has been eating a lot of sour candy — and her tongue is paying the price

Brace yourselves: The images, taken from the video, are not pretty.
/ Source: TODAY

Chrissy Teigen absolutely loves sour candy — maybe a little too much, though.

As she revealed on Thursday evening in a video posted to her Instagram Story, her late-night consumption of sour candies — which is possibly pregnancy-fueled — is starting to exact a toll ... on her tongue.

Brace yourselves: The images below, taken from the video, are not pretty.

As she notes in the video, she's been "eating so much sour candy that my tongue is falling off."

"It's literally falling off because I eat so much in the night," she continues. "I eat sour straws, I suck on them. Then after them, I have my Blow Pops, and it's just falling off — my tongue."

Open up and say ... AAAAAHHHH!
Open up and say ... AAAAAHHHH!chrissyteigen / Instagram

And then she shows off the abraded muscle, which is pink and ... disturbingly dark and patchy in the center. She's even got flakes of the tongue on her finger to show off.

There's a decent chance that Teigen's sudden addiction comes from food cravings while pregnant; she's expecting her third child with husband John Legend. They already have two children, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2.

But why is this happening? Turns out it's not an uncommon issue in sour candy fanatics. According to North Carolina-based Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, there are real acids in the candy that eat away at the skin on your tongue.

"The acids in sour candy are what makes them so good to eat, but those acids are also what eats away at the top layer of skin on your tongue," the dentist office wrote on its blog in a specific post about this very problem.

In addition to dialing back the sour candy intake, the post suggests snackers should drink plenty of water and not brush their teeth right after consuming sour candy: It can take away some of your enamel unless you wait about an hour.

Pieces of your tongue are not supposed to end up on your fingers.
Pieces of your tongue are not supposed to end up on your fingers.chrissyteigen / Instagram

But there is a piece of good news for Teigen: The peeling means it's healing.

"When the top layer of skin peels off, you'll know your skin is healing and you can fully enjoy your favorite foods again!" says Lane & Associates. "Consider staying away from sour or spicy things immediately after to give your mouth a chance to fully recover."

Luckily, Teigen has many less abrasive foods in her repertoire — like her eggs fried in olive oil or drunken noodles (although maybe she should forgo the chile sauce for now).