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Someone in Chrissy Teigen's family stole her favorite ice cream

No one — not even family — gets away with stealing her ice cream.
WireImage/ @chrissyteigen/Twitter
/ Source: TODAY

When Chrissy Teigen loses her ice cream, everyone steps in — including the ice cream makers themselves.

The mom, model and cookbook author loves good food — and ice cream is no exception. When it comes to picking favorites, Teigen recently told her Twitter following that the best ice cream shop, in her opinion, is Salt & Straw. The gourmet, Portland, Oregon-based scoop shop is famous for its eclectic flavors (remember its chocolaty pig's blood ice cream for Halloween 2018?).

"My absolute favorite ice cream place @saltandstraw made me a single pint of rice krispy treat ice cream and I have a household of 8 people who I now have to moderate spoonfuls for," Teigen tweeted on Thursday.

But after a slew of comments from fans about how delicious and clever "Rice Chrissys" ice cream sounds, the company presented some alarming information: There was supposed to be more than one pint.

A social media person over at Salt & Straw disclosed to Teigen there were five in the package they'd sent her. Needless to say, Teigen was shocked — mostly since she'd been taking "single half bites" over the last 40 hours to savor every last limited drop.

So ... where did the other pints go?

Chrissy may have been in shock, but she did not snap, crackle, pop over the matter — instead, she did some quiet digging around her house for the missing pints. Publicly calling out the delivery person for stealing food, which unfortunately happens to about 25% of orders, hasn't gone over well for other famous folks. Case in point: When Lizzo put her Postmates driver on blast, she ended up getting sued.

Instead, like any other self-respecting mom, Teigen blamed her own ice cream-thieving family for the mishap.

Chrissy cracked yet another case in the kitchen. So the only question we're left wondering is: When will we be able to stock our freezers with "Rice Chrissys" ice cream (tucked out of sight from our family members)?! TODAY Food reached out to Salt & Straw to determine whether the flavor is for Teigen only or (fingers crossed) will ever be released in scoop shops. Unfortunately, a company spokesperson had no details to share on the matter.

But we've got a few spoonfuls of hope reserved for those special pints.