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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sliced their fingers using this popular kitchen tool

The model-turned-cookbook author shared a dramatic story about a culinary accident.
/ Source: TODAY

Chrissy Teigen certainly knows her way around the kitchen but, like all home cooks and professional chefs, even she is not immune to major culinary accidents.

While Teigen’s kitchen mishaps are often related to missing (or surplus!) ingredients she needs to complete a dish, she recently revealed why she and her husband, singer John Legend, no longer use a mandoline in their home — even if that means it takes them a lot longer to slice perfect potatoes for one of her mom's recipes.

Over the weekend, Teigen shared a video on Instagram in which she dramatically recalls an unfortunate kitchen accident.

"I haven't used a mandoline for four years,” Chrissy says, accompanied by moody lighting and music. “I'm getting emotional. I bought my first mandoline; I brought it home because I'm so tired of slicing mom's potatoes for her scalloped potatoes."

But instead of sharing her favorite mandoline tips, Teigen's story takes a turn. Chrissy tells viewers that Legend started slicing potatoes when suddenly she heard him cry out in pain. It turns out that the award-winning singer had nearly sliced off his finger, which would be difficult and painful for anybody but, let's face it, his piano-playing hands are extra precious.

The video then shows a morose photo of Legend holding a sign reading, “I am nothing without my fingers.”

With Legend out of commission, Teigen took over slicing duties. “So I said, “Give me that! I’ll finish it,’” she recalls in the video. But things were about to get even worse for the couple. “One pass through the mandoline and I, too, cut my finger off immediately."

The couple ended up making a trip to the emergency room — hey, at least they were together — where medical staff "reattached" their sliced fingers.

The camera zooms in on a photo of Teigen and Legend with bandaged-up fingers, posing with hospital workers.

“Now, I don’t do anything without my Kevlar gloves,” she states.

While the mandoline is a very helpful tool for slicing vegetables into thin, even shapes, it’s also incredibly sharp and can be dangerous if not used correctly. Home cooks should always follow their model's basic guidelines and shouldn't get too fancy if they're just starting out.

For starters, "make sure the mandolin is put together right," Healthy Meals Supreme's global master chef Karl Guggenmos told TODAY Food via email. Many models require some assembly so it's important that the sharp blades are positioned correctly before use.

Another tip? Don’t wear the food too close to the blades. That means it's not a good idea to grate food right to its end point. "That’s when the [knuckles] get too close to the blade," said Guggenmos. As a result, you might end up grating your hand along with that carrot.

As with all knives, blade maintenance is very important, as well. "Keep the blades very sharp as dull blades cause mores slippage," said Guggenmos. And never force the cutting movement: If you're too aggressive with that mandoline, it may be aggressive right back.

Maybe Teigen and Legend will be brave enough to start using a mandoline again soon.