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Chipotle is testing new Queso Blanco in 3 cities

Like their original queso, the Queso Blanco has no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Chipotle is testing another style of queso — and they're hoping the second time might be the charm.

The original queso dip, released in September 2017, was panned on social media. Taste-testers called it the "disappointment of the year" and the "worst 'queso'" they'd ever eaten, and TODAY noted an off-putting, gritty texture. So, less than three months after the spicy cheese dip hit the market, the brand tweaked the recipe to try to meet customer satisfaction.

Now, they're debuting Queso Blanco recipe in three U.S. cities. To start, only 52 restaurants will offer the new addition — so unless you're in Dallas, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, or San Diego, California, you may have to wait a bit before trying the new condiment. (Or you can just make Jenna Bush-Hager's version instead.)

chipotle queso blanco new recipe
Chipotle customers in three cities will be able to try the brand's new Queso Blanco during its test run.Chipotle

"Making delicious queso with real ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives is a tough project to take on,” said Chef Nevielle Panthaky, Vice President of Culinary at Chipotle, in a press release. “We listened to our guests and worked tirelessly in our kitchens to make an even better tasting queso. We are proud to have created a delicious recipe for Queso Blanco that uses only high quality, real ingredients that you can pronounce and find in your own kitchens at home."

According to a spokesperson for the brand, the culinary team behind the recipes took feedback from the original queso recipe into account when making the new recipe.

The new queso has a "perfectly smooth" texture and a "bold" cheese flavor. With a "mild spicy heat and a bold finish," it's poised to be the perfect accompaniment to a burrito bowl or bag of delicious tortilla chips. Like the rest of the Chipotle menu, the Queso Blanco has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Instead, it features familiar ingredients like aged Monterey Jack cheese, white cheddar and serrano, poblano and chipotle peppers.

It's still early in the testing phases, but the spokesperson said that the response has been positive so far.

"Initial customer reviews are positive as seen in fan tweets and an increase in Queso Blanco sales across all test markets after the first week," she explained.

While she couldn't provide any details on whether there would be a national launch or when it could potentially be, she said that the brand is "testing [the recipe] and monitoring feedback to make a decision on a national launch and when that might be."

We'll be waiting not-so-patiently, with tortilla chip in hand, to find out.