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Introducing the Chickle: The chicken-stuffed pickle you never asked for

It's a salty, sweet, hot combo meant to blow our minds.
/ Source: TODAY

The hybrid-food, pickle and crazy stadium-snack trends are colliding today in a mash-up meant to blow our minds.

Behold the Chickle: a chicken-stuffed pickle, in which the pickle serves as the "bun." It debuted yesterday at a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game and will stick around for today only as well.

Oh, and the Nashville hot chicken trend is crammed in there, too, as that's what the filling is. (And in all fairness, the Minor League baseball team is playing the Nashville Sounds, so this nod to the visiting team does make sense.)

We've recently witnessed the rise of pickle soda, pickle ice pops and countless hybrid creations in general, so this ultimate combination in the ongoing game of one-upmanship doesn't surprise us.

But how does it taste?

Sports anchor George Takata, who renamed it the "Picken," gave the dish a thumbs up from yesterday's game:

Though one baseball fan and pickle lover fretted that the proportions are off:

We have to say, all the attention made us realize what a fun, food-loving bunch the Grizzlies are: The team currently has a "beef" going with the rival Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs over whether tacos or bacon reigns supreme. Fans can weigh in to pick their fave (the Grizzlies are on "team taco," as they say Fresno is the "taco capital of the world"), and the losing team has to wear its competitor's hat on-field during a June game.

Now, that's a rivalry we can get behind.