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Pedro Pascal kept his cool while eating hot wings. His fans? Not so much

The show "Hot Ones" notoriously asks increasingly heated questions as the spice level of the wings increases — and it was no match for Pascal.

Spicy wings are no match for Pedro Pascal.

In a clip posted to YouTube March 9, the "Last Of Us" actor did an interview with host Sean Evans on "Hot Ones," a show in which Evans asks a variety of questions that become more challenging as the spiciness of the chicken wings increase. Fans couldn’t get enough of Pascal's composed interview under the heated circumstances.

During the first half of the interview, Evans asked Pascal about the "Last Of Us," "Mandalorian" and working with Nicolas Cage. Then Evans asked some personal questions, including getting his thoughts on Tex-Mex food and breakfast cereal, as the spice level of the wings increased.

"This is the story structure to your interview: You tell me I'm doing well and then you try to kill me," Pascal said after eating one of the spiciest wings.

To help make it through the spiciness, Pascal began talking slowly, gargling milk, and asking questions to take his mind off of the heat.

"Do I have a tongue," he asked, sticking it out.

Pedro Pascal trying to quell the heat of the spicy wings.
Pedro Pascal trying to quell the heat of the spicy wings.YouTube

Compared to other guests of the show, Pascal appeared to be one of the more calm and collected ones. Taraji P. Henson famously had someone sit-in to finish the wings for her while she answered the questions. Meanwhile, Idris Elba's appearance on the show became a viral meme when he was seen coughing and choking through questions as he tried to keep down the spicy wings.

Although Evans usually closes out his show by "rolling out the red carpet," which is what he calls the segment of time for guests to promote their work, Pascal decided to use the time to remind everyone that his mouth was on fire.

"I would say that there's a gap in between my back molar and my front tooth," he described. "That's where the chicken gets stuck and it continues to burn."

Pedro Pascal staying calm as he eats a batch of spicy chicken wings on "Hot Ones."
Pedro Pascal staying calm as he eats a batch of spicy chicken wings on "Hot Ones."YouTube

In the YouTube comments, fans gave Pascal props for holding his own and reinventing how the red carpet time was used.

"This is just what Pedro needed probably: good food and good questions worth his time," one person wrote.

Another added that the show helps to show celebrities in a more relatable light.

"'Hot Ones' really makes you become more appreciative and loving to the guests on its show," the fan wrote. "I love how calm and relaxed they get to be and not trying to show face for media/public."

One fan even called Pascal's appearance on the show "refreshing."

"He seems so relaxed and happy to actually talk about himself!," the fan wrote. "It was refreshing to see. Also, he nailed the challenge!"