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Chick-fil-A manager jumps into action to help WW II veteran with a flat tire

The chain is already known for its stellar customer service.
/ Source: TODAY

When managing a busy fast-food restaurant, there are lots of things to consider, from keeping the food fresh, to satisfying customers and making sure employees are working efficiently.

But one Chick-fil-A manager in Severn, Maryland, exceeded his list of regularly scheduled duties by quickly coming to the aid of a 96-year-old man who needed help with his car.

On Thursday morning, a man known as "Mr. Lee" (Lee is his first name) to Chick-fil-A staffers whom he visits regularly, came into the restaurant and reportedly appeared distressed.

Daryl Howard, one of the managers at the store, heard Mr. Lee say that he had a flat tire and needed help because he couldn't change it himself.

Rudy Somoza

Howard, who was busy taking orders during the morning rush, quickly “jumped into action without hesitation,” Rudy Somoza, another manager at the restaurant, recalled.

“His action of kindness was beautiful,” Somoza added. “Daryl has always been so helpful to anyone in need and deserves this recognition.”

Mr. Lee had been able to get to the restaurant safely and park in the lot. It took Howard about 15 minutes to switch out the bad tire, and then the thankful veteran was able to continue his day, free any of car woes.

“We are grateful for team members like Daryl Howard who genuinely care about the customers and communities they serve, and for restaurant operators who create an environment where Team Members are empowered to go above-and-beyond to meet guests’ needs," a representative for the chicken chain told TODAY over email.

Howard has worked at the Chick-fil-A restaurant since 2007 and is known among his coworkers and regular customers for always showing great hospitality, the representative told TODAY.

Mr. Lee, who has been dining at Chick-fil-A for 15 years, usually stops by the Severn location a few times a week and is reportedly such a fan that he often celebrates his birthday at the restaurant!

Rudy Somoza

Chick-fil-A, which was recently voted as America's favorite fast-food restaurant for the fourth year in a row, is often praised by its fans for having great customer service.

Incidents with store managers or employees helping out those in need are often shared on social media by grateful customers or onlookers.

Chick-fil-A may serve up a delicious chicken sandwich, but it also appears to be a pretty convenient place to get a flat tire.