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What even is a Dutch oven? Ryan Scott helps answer common cooking dilemmas

What's a Dutch oven? Where is the broiler? Chef Ryan Scott is here to help answer Megyn Kelly's burning kitchen questions.
/ Source: TODAY

Why would you ever need an apple corer? What is a broiler pan used for? How do you get the terrible smell of garlic off your hands after cooking with it? Megyn Kelly had a lot of cooking questions and now her food dilemmas are finally solved with the help of chef Ryan Scott.

1. The best way to core an apple.

According to Scott, apple corers are used to well, core apples. They're a great time saver for anyone who is making a recipe that requires the use of the entire apple, like an apple pie or apple crisp.

There are a few different kinds of apple corers to try. If you don't have a corer, you can also use a sharp knife. Halve the apple from top to bottom and use a small spoon to scoop out the seeds and fibrous center.

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

Ryan Scott

2. The best way to clean hands after handling garlic and onions.

Any cook knows that there's nothing worse than running around smelling like garlic and onions all day. Luckily, there are several effective ways to remove the odor.

First, try rubbing your hands on stainless steel. The sulfur from the garlic or onion binds to the metal, which removes the odor from your fingers.

Another popular method is to wash your hands in a mixture of baking soda and a strong-smelling dish soap.

But Scott has another method that he swears by. "Rubbing your hands with lemon juice," is his trick.

"The acid in lemon juice neutralizes alliinase, the enzyme produced by crushing garlic that causes the unfortunate odor associated with garlic chopping," he told TODAY Food.

3. How to use a Dutch oven.

A Dutch oven is a thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid that's usually made of seasoned cast iron. According to Scott, a Dutch oven is "an absolute kitchen essential and a staple" with "many different purposes and functions." He's also a fan because they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. What makes a Dutch oven so unique is that it can be used for sauteing on a stovetop and then be put straight into the oven. It's the perfect kitchen tool for making Scott's braised short ribs.

Pinot Noir-Braised Short Ribs with Sun-dried Tomatoes

4. How to use the broiler.

Have you ever used your broiler? Do you even know where it is? Megyn wasn't sure, but Scott assured her that most ovens have one. To figure out where it is, turn on your oven, set it to "broil" and carefully feel where the most heat is coming from. Most ovens have a broiler burner on the ceiling of the oven, but some have a separate unit below.

In order to broil, you'll need to use a broiler pan.

"They are my absolute favorite pans," said Scott.

Broiler pans work by cooking food under direct heat. A broiler pan has a grate that allows air to flow underneath the food so it cooks evenly throughout. The grate also allows excess juices to drain which helps to keep food crispy and reduces sogginess. Broiler pans are also great to use if you're looking for an easy clean up one-pan dish like Scott's eggplant pizza recipe.

Broiled Eggplant Pizza