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Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese is now a thing and fans are freaking out

Does this mean eating Cheetos for dinner is socially acceptable now?
You won't have to wait long for this cheesy delight.
You won't have to wait long for this cheesy delight.Cheetos
/ Source: TODAY

Cheetos solidified its spot as a snack time staple many years ago, and now the brand is trying to make its mark on lunch and dinnertime with its latest product: Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese.

The brand announced the cheesy meal on Wednesday, and revealed that it will come in three flavors inspired by the iconic snack, Bold & Cheesy, Flamin’ Hot and Cheesy Jalapeno.

If you're wondering "But will it really taste like Cheetos?" it sounds like it just might, thanks to an ingredient called Chester's Top-Secret Seasoning, which happens to be named after the brand's spokesperson, Chester Cheetah.

Which flavor are you most excited to try?
Which flavor are you most excited to try?Cheetos

Frito-Lay North America partnered with Quaker Foods North America (the home of Pasta Roni) to create the new treat, which will be available in single box and cup format, and plans to release it in Walmart stores and online on August 8.

You can find the product in Walmart exclusively starting August 8.
You can find the product in Walmart exclusively starting August 8.Cheetos

News of the product launch started to spread Tuesday when Instagram user @Candyhunting told fans about the cheesy delight. Naturally, they seemed pretty thrilled.

"Right.....Ok.....right.....BOOK A FLIGHT TO ANYWHERE IN THE US DEPARTING FIRST THING TOMORROW," @nick_cook4@lucycook_x commented, while @theirishmamba wrote "Omg I’m just imagining crushing up some Cheetos in there."

One Instagram user even admitted that some restaurants in the Middle East already offer a similar item on their menus.

"Cheetos mac n cheese is such a popular trend here at restaurants in Saudi and the UAE. They use cheetos in and on top of the Mac n cheese. I think these will taste accurate and be a huge hit!!" @snackinginsaudi wrote.

Still not everyone was blown away by the new product. "🤔 I’m not sure how I feel about this," @_karamisu wrote.

The news quickly spread around social media and when @snackgator shared a photo of the three Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese flavors, Instagram users were quick to share their excitement.

"Now THIS is dangerously cheesy 😂🧀" amndustin wrote, while @uche.gawd commented "Just had the bold & cheesy today. I wanted to eat the cheese powder by itself it was that good and spot on to taste!"

Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese will have a suggested retail price of 98 cents each and the brand plans on offering the product at retailers nationwide in 2021. Maybe 2020 is looking up after all!