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The Cheesecake Factory is making cheesecake-flavored ice cream in 7 flavors

The popular restaurant is bringing a taste of its namesake dessert to the freezer aisle.
The Cheesecake Factory's new ice cream pint line will be sold in grocery stores nationwide starting March 2020.
The Cheesecake Factory's new ice cream pint line will be sold in grocery stores nationwide starting March 2020.Cheesecake Factory
/ Source: TODAY

The Cheesecake Factory just combined two of the best cold and creamy sweet treats into one dessert.

On Tuesday, the restaurant announced that it's releasing a new line of ice cream pints made with a lot of the same ingredients that it puts in its larger-than-life cheesecakes.

As first reported by People, the cheesecake-flavored ice creams are set to hit grocery stores this March and will come in seven flavors inspired by the chain's most popular flavors. Each 14-ounce carton will have a suggested retail price of $4.99, but a rep for the brand was not able to confirm which grocery stores would be carrying the new pints.

The restaurant chain known its overt-the-top portions enlisted Iowa-based ice cream manufacturer Wells Enterprises, Inc. to help concoct the indulgent flavors, which are all made made with a sour cream and cream cheese base. The full lineup of flavors include:

  • Original: Plain cheesecake-flavored ice cream with swirls of graham crackers
  • Chocolate: Rich chocolate-cheesecake ice cream with fudge swirled throughout
  • Cookies & Cream: Cheesecake ice cream studded with crunchy bits of chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate
  • Salted Caramel: A salty and sweet treat with a caramel cheesecake base and graham swirls
  • Birthday Cake: Yellow cake-flavored cheesecake ice cream with little cake pieces, swirls of icing and candy sprinkles
  • Key Lime: A slightly tart Key lime-flavored cheesecake ice cream with graham swirls
  • Strawberry: Strawberry cheesecake ice cream with graham swirls
The new cheesecake ice cream collection comes in seven flavors inspired by the restaurant's cheesecakes.Cheesecake Factory

A Cheesecake Factory spokesperson declined to share nutritional information for the pints, but since one slice of the chain's original cheesecake packs in over 800 calories, a serving of its original ice cream will likely be a bit better for you. The ice cream pints join other products in the chain's at-home line, which includes frozen cheesecakes, coffee creamer and cupcakes.

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In 2018, The Cheesecake Factory started selling the restaurant's ultra-popular brown bread in grocery stores. Before that, the brand released boxed mixes of its signature cheesecakes in 2017.