Cheeseburger and horse meat? 5 crazy ice cream flavors

The extremely hot Cold Sweat Ice Cream from Sunni Sky's.
The extremely hot Cold Sweat Ice Cream from Sunni Sky's.Sunni Sky's

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By Sarah Spigelman

Ice cream season is in full swing, but chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are so last year. At the recent Hong Kong Food Expo, one purveyor, Liu's Ice Cream Gallery, unveiled funky flavors like lobster, foie gras, vinegar and salmon. But these only scratch the surface of the bizarre frozen treats that are out there. Here's the scoop on five more crazy ice cream flavors:

Cold Sweat ice cream at Sunni Sky's

You know the feeling you get when you have a fever and then you get the chills? That's what it’s like eating this ice cream at Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream in Angier, N.C. It’s made with three kinds of chile peppers -- Thai, Pequin and Habanero, three types of hot sauce and before you can even try it, you have to sign a waiver. People who are pregnant, have vision problems, back problems or a myriad of other issues are advised not to consume the ice cream. And if you are under the age of 18, find yourself a Baskin Robbins -- you can't try Sunni Sky's scorcher at all. "It tasted like fire - with a side of fire," one brave customer reportedly said.  If you do dare to eat it, heed the warning on the waiver, which states: "It should be noted that what is painful going in, may be painful upon exit." If that doesn't deter you, up the ante with Exitwound, an even hotter version of Cold Sweat, featuring oleoresin -– a main ingredient in pepper spray.

Ice cream with a Latin twist

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There’s nothing like a hot bowl of rice and beans, but how about a rice-and-beans flavored frozen treat? Famed ice cream shop Heladeria Lares in Lares, Puerto Rico has it, in addition to more traditional options like arroz con dulce (rice pudding) and corn. Feeling adventurous? Try cod fish or garlic.

Humphry Slocombe’s Boccalone Prosciutto

At Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco, where owner Jake Godby specializes in the unusual and bizarre, you could go for Black Walnut or Tahitian Vanilla. But why would you? Take the plungw with Salt and Pepper, Sour Cream, Old Hebrew Ale or Boccalone Prosciutto, studded with salted pig parts steeped in milk with fennel seeds and black pepper.

Raw horse

Japan loves its bizarre ice cream flavors, like squid, eel and octopus -- so much so that there's a museum dedicated solely to strange ice cream. But the strangest of all is Basashi Ice, an individual portion of vanilla ice cream with raw horse meat mixed in. Blogger Oats and Honey says that the taste of the horse on its own is "smooth and creamy," and The List Cafe says that it’s the "little chunks of raw horseflesh in the ice cream that gives it a unique flavor that is second to none." This ice cream might taste better than it sounds. It couldn’t possibly taste worse.


A trip overseas can turn a whole lot more romantic if you wander into Heladeria Coromoto in Meridia, Venezuela. There, you can try their Viagra gelato. The little blue pill isn't actually in the ice cream, but other natural aphrodisiacs are. Heladeria Coromoto has over 900 flavors, including the “Cheeseburger” -- with burger meat, cheese and french fries mixed right in and “Spaghetti and Cheese.”

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