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Love Reese's? Cheerios has a sweet new cereal just for you

If you've got a real sweet tooth, the cereal brand's chocolate peanut flavor is sure to be a winner.
/ Source: TODAY

Hey, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup fans, there’s a new Cheerios flavor coming soon that you’ll probably be obsessed with. The cereal brand just announced its newest variety will be chocolate and peanut butter-flavored.

In a Facebook post, the company teased the new cereal saying it will have real cocoa, real peanut butter ... and it’s coming real soon.

While plenty of fans were excited about the new flavor, some customers shared concerns about potential peanut allergies on the post's comments.

“Will people with peanut allergies have to stop eating Cheerios since these will [be] processed at the same place?” one asked.

A rep for Cheerios replied to assure fans that the peanut butter will be added to the new cereal at a separate facility within its supply chain, and that other Cheerios varieties will not be coming in contact with the peanut butter or products from the peanut butter-processing facility.

Other customers asked if there would be a gluten free version. Cheerios said that since the product is not fully produced within a dedicated gluten-free processing system, they won’t be able to call the product free of gluten at this time. Guess you can't have everything!

So when can we expect to grab this sweet new breakfast cereal? On Facebook, a Cheerios rep commented that the product should be hitting stores nationwide late October.

Currently there are 15 different flavors of Cheerios including Honey Nut, Very Berry and Dark Chocolate Crunch. And for those who live for fall flavors, the brand’s Pumpkin Spice limited edition cereal is available right now.

Craving the flavors of chocolate and peanut butter mixed with Cheerios right now? Here’s a recipe for Mini Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cheerios Bites that will hold you over until the new cereal flavor hits grocery stores next month. Of course, these bites are definitely a dessert rather than a breakfast food, but we’re not judging.