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Cereal on ice? Some swear by the chilly breakfast treat

Twitter users are chiming in on the controversial cereal topping.
/ Source: TODAY

A tasty breakfast cereal doesn't need much — some milk, maybe a little fruit if you're really feeling ambitious. But for some people, that's just not enough.

They feel that a bowl of cold cereal could be ... well, colder.

On New Year's Day, KISS singer and bassist Gene Simmons tweeted two photos of his chilly meal that has since been retweeted 1,900 times and garnered over 8,000 likes. The photos show a typical bowl of cereal and milk but with one extra topping — ice cubes!

In his caption, Simmons asked, "Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?"

Turns out, he's not the only one!

Back in 2015, a viral tweet featuring a close-up of what looks like a bowl of Lucky Charms, innocently asked, "Am I the only one that can't eat cereal without ice cubes?!!"

It even inspired some cold converts.

"Now that people talked about it & I tried it im addicted lol I love ice in my cereal," wrote one Twitter user.

This unusual cereal topping is far from a new trend. Icy-cereal lovers have been showing off their favorite way to start the day for years.

One user explained, "I take my cereal with almond milk, extra cold (by means of exactly two ice cubes) and a slightly tilted bowl."

Of course, not everyone likes the idea. Some say all of this ice will just lead to a watered down morning.

They really won't like the way others take their bowl of breakfast.