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This is the celebrity most Americans want to share a drink with

A billionaire, a basketball player, a pop star, a rockstar, an actress — the drinking buddy possibilities are endless.
National Beer Day
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/ Source: TODAY

Who would you rather have a beer with: Beyoncé or Bill Gates? Lady Gaga or Betty White? Bruce Springsteen or LeBron James?

This age-old question has always been a tough call. The idea of being able to kick back with your favorite actor, politician or historical figure is pretty much the ultimate celeb fantasy.

To find an official answer (in honor of National Beer Day, which is April 7), The Beer Institute surveyed hundreds of Americans about who would be at the top of their favorite drinking buddy list.

The beloved celebrity that took the No. 1 spot doesn't really come as a surprise to us.

National Beer Day
Who wouldn't want to throw back a cold one with the coolest 97-year-old woman on T.V.?Getty Images

The icon most people wanted to crack open a cold one with is a true "Golden Girl," 97-year-old actress Betty White. Though the legendary film and TV star has credited vodka to aiding her longevity, perhaps she'd take a break from liquor and savor a nice pale ale?

According to the institute, National Beer Day is celebrated to commemorate the same day in 1933 when President Franklin Roosevelt legalized beer. It was the first alcoholic beverage Americans were allowed to drink before Prohibition ended eight months later in December 1933.

Despite the popularity of beer (and celebrity culture in general), 2019 was actually the first year that this official survey has been conducted. In March, The Beer Institute recruited Quadrant Strategies to ask 1,159 Americans of drinking age and older the following question: "If you could have a beer with any of the following contemporary celebrities, who would you most want to have a beer with? (You may choose up to 3.)"

National Beer Day
Grab a beer and toast to a friend, famous person, or just to alcohol being legal!Getty Images

A spokesperson for The Beer Institute told TODAY Food that the candidates included Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Betty White, Denzel Washington, Serena Williams, LeBron James, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Kim Kardashian and Alex Trebek.

The institute's team curated the list from Gallup’s annual “Most Admired Man and Woman” poll and Reader’s Digest’s “100 Most Trusted People in America.”

Shockingly, Ina Garten was not on that list, so fans will just have to make do watching "Late Night" host Seth Meyers day drink with the Barefoot Contessa. Trust us, it's pretty great.

Runner-ups to White were Bill Gates, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga.

The survey also asked people which historical figure they'd most want to drink with. Martin Luther King, Jr. won, followed by Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash, Mark Twain and Steve Jobs.

Sounds like a pretty sweet party.