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Celebrate Veganuary with cauliflower 'chicken' and lentil tacos

Here's how to make the crispiest cauliflower "chicken."
/ Source: TODAY

Going vegan or eating more plant-based foods doesn't mean missing out on flavor. Eating a meat- and dairy-free diet can open up a whole new world of amazing tastes and interesting ingredients. Jenné Claiborne, the blogger behind Sweet Potato Soul, is joining today to share a couple of her favorite plant-based recipes to celebrate the end of Veganuary. She shows us how to make spicy fried cauliflower "chicken" and lentil tacos with mango guacamole.

Cauliflower 'Chicken'

It's crispy, it's tender, it's full of flavor and it's vegan! This spicy fried cauliflower "chicken" is just as delicious as the real thing, but no chickens were harmed, and it's so much healthier. Cauliflower is a great replacement for chicken in this recipe because it's juicy, hearty and tender. The double batter guarantees a perfect crunch.

Lentil Tacos

This recipe always takes under 30 minutes, so if you haven't meal prepped or want a quick dinner, it's the recipe for you. It's very nutritious and filling.

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