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Celebrate squash season with an easy autumn salad and spiced chiffon pie

Whether you want sweet or savory, squash can do it all.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef, cookbook author and host of "The Lost Kitchen" on Magnolia Network, Erin French is joining TODAY Food to share a few of her favorite seasonal squash recipes. She shows us how to make fried squash salad with briny feta and toasty hazelnuts and a spiced squash pie with whipped cream.

This dish came about by accident really. In a panic to pull together an appetizer for the evening's dinner guests (arriving in a matter of hours!) this became the result of using what I had on hand in my walk-in. I'm weirdly most comfortable with a fryer ... must be from my diner days. Delicata squash rings, roasted then tempura and fried, then stuffed with a simple salad of raw pear, dried cherries, feta cheese and a few sprigs of arugula. The result is a sweet yet savory wonder, perfect for a starter or perhaps a decadent side dish on a holiday table.

I love this recipe because it's like having the most delicious cloud of pumpkin pie. It's light and fluffy yet with all the deep flavors of the heavier classic version. Exactly what you want after eating an indulgent meal.

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