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14 margarita recipes to celebrate National Margarita Day

Choose from this list of classic, unique, sweet or smoky margs and get ready to have a good time.
/ Source: TODAY

Who's ready to celebrate National Margarita Day?

As we enter our third year of the pandemic, we can all use a festive sweet and sour cocktail to spice up our lives. The unofficial holiday officially falls on February 22, but we won't tell if you decide to whip up your own fiesta in a glass any day of the week.

So, get a big batch of tacos going, choose from this list of classic, unique, sweet or smoky margs and get ready to have a good time.

The classic mix of sweet and sour hits all the right refreshing notes. This restaurant-quality margarita is made fresh in a shaker with just the traditional ingredients served over ice with a salted rim.

Pitaya Margaritas

If you're not familiar with dragon fruit (also called pitaya), definitely give it a go in this cocktail. It has a flavor that's reminiscent of kiwi, but what's truly remarkable about it is its brilliant color. And to take this margarita to the next level, rim the glass with salt mixed with crushed dried rose petals. This is for sure a drink you want to Instagram before taking a sip.

The Perfect Margarita

This margarita is simple, straightforward and delicious. The recipe also provides helpful tips on how to properly salt a rim or spice up the drink with some jalapeño.

Leave it to Guy Fieri to find a way to add barbecue sauce to a tequila drink. It might sound pretty out there, but it really amps up the sweet and smoky flavors of this classic citrusy cocktail.

Coconut Lime Margarita

It might still be winter, but this Coco Lime Margarita will transport you right to a tropical beach. You'll almost be able to smell that salty ocean air. Almost.

Carson's Texas Margarita

Carson Daly always it kills it when it comes to a good cocktail. His margarita has some unconventional ingredients (he uses orange juice and beer), but once you've tried it, you'll be kickin' off your cowboy boots and asking for seconds.

This cocktail has the bones of a margarita but adds in fresh watermelon for a summery twist. Then the basil and habanero bring out a wonderful, bright freshness and a little kick.

Do you know what Sandra Lee and Ina Garten have in common? They both love to enjoy a giant cocktail every now and then. Lee's sweet margarita yields a whole pitcher so you can celebrate the fiesta with your family. She uses on-hand staples like frozen limeade and orange juice. With a little peach schnapps and orange liqueur, this icy drink goes down smooth.

Smollett Siblings' Ginger Ale Margarita

The addition of bubbly ginger ale adds effervescence and sweetness to the citrusy tang of a classic margarita.

Ina Garten's Jalapeño Margarita

Ina Garten's margarita is mildly hot but, of course, you can use more peppers and make them even hotter! Infuse the tequila with the jalapeño overnight; any longer and it will become too spicy. You can also prepare the entire cocktail mixture ahead of time and refrigerate it for up to six hours.

Fresh Raspberry Margarita

Add a hint of berry flavor and a pop of color to a traditional margarita for the ideal summertime sipper. It's so good, it will make those wintertime blues melt away — or maybe that's just the tequila talking!

Cara Cara Orange Margaritas

How pretty are these vibrant margaritas? Take your drink to another, more refreshing level by squeezing in the juice of a Cara Cara orange — it's sweet, seasonal and juicy! And if you don't have the Cara Cara variety, any other orange will do.

Mezcal, tequila's smokier cousin, gives Martha Stewart's margarita its signature flavor. It's a little sour, a bit sweet and perfectly balanced. For a version without smokiness, use silver tequila in place of mezcal.

Ginger beer adds a little heat and a touch of sweet to a margarita. The tart lime juice rounds out the balance of flavors. It's perfect for sipping at an outdoor dinner and pairs especially well with grilled dishes.