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Celebrate Juneteenth with chicken-fried steak and red velvet cake

Scotty Scott makes showstopping recipes for Juneteenth and Father's Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef and food blogger Scotty Scott is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to celebrate Juneteenth and Father's Day with recipes from his cookbook, "Fix Me a Plate: Traditional and New School Soul Food Recipes." He shows us how to make crispy chicken-fried steak with creamy gravy and the richest, silkiest red velvet cake ever.

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I have to admit that when I first saw this dish on a menu, my body went through a wide range of emotions. At first, there was confusion. Well, is it chicken or is it steak? Then there was anger. Wait, someone took perfectly good ribeye and fried it like some chicken? Then there was joy. Oh, somebody took one of those cube steaks my momma used to make and battered it, fried it up golden-brown and bathed it in a gravy. Now that's something I can get down with.

I love red velvet cake for the simple fact that I'm always sitting there eating it, thinking, "What in the heck am I eating? I taste a little chocolate. I taste a little vanilla. I see a lot of red, but it ain't strawberry." Ultimately, my brain is like, "I don't know what this is, but it sure is delicious." Swapping out olive oil for butter in this cake gives it a slightly nutty undertone, which I think pairs well with the small amount of cocoa powder used. Swap out a bit of the traditional cream cheese for Italian mascarpone for a super-smooth frosting, and you've got yourself one delicious cake.

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