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Cashews, trail mix recalled in 11 states due to possible glass pieces

No injuries have yet been reported, but customers are urged to return any recalled product for a full refund.
Nuts: Cashew Nuts
The cashew and trail mix products may have been contaminated with glass, according to SunTree Snack Foods LLC.Floortje / Getty Images

Cashew products sold by multiple retailers across several states are being recalled by parent company SunTree Snack Foods LLC after a customer reported finding pieces of glass in the product.

The company announced in a press release on Sept. 24 that 11 products, including multiple forms of cashews and several types of trail mix containing cashews, are being recalled. The recalled nuts were sold under multiple brand names, including Happy Belly, Prince & Spring, Harris Teeter and HEB, in 11 states, including Delaware, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas.

The product sizes and best-by dates vary. A full list of lot numbers and other identifying information for potentially contaminated products can be found on SunTree Snack Foods' website or on the website for the Food and Drug Administration.

While the company noted that "no injuries have been reported to date" and that the recall was initiated after a customer notified the company about "glass pieces" inside a purchased product, no information was provided about how the nuts and mixes may have become contaminated with glass. An investigation is ongoing.

In their statement, SunTree Snack Foods emphasized that the recall is "voluntary" and reflects "an abundance of caution to protect public health."

Consumers who have purchased contaminated products are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund, or contact SunTree Snack Foods with any questions.

It's not the first time a popular food item has been recalled due to broken glass being found in the product: In January, Nestlé Prepared Foods recalled over 760,000 pounds of select batches of Hot Pockets after reports that the frozen snacks were contaminated with glass and plastic. In 2017, Trader Joe's announced that they were recalling several types of salad because a supplier warned them the products may have been contaminated with glass and hard plastic.