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'Don't do this at home!' Al Roker, Giada and Curtis Stone try candy corn pizza

Another season, another crime against pizza.
/ Source: TODAY

Another season, another crime against pizza.

Around Easter, a shocking Peeps-topped pizza (aka the "Peepza") made its way around the internet — so, naturally, we had culinary stars like Martha Stewart and Bobby Flay give it a try, much to their displeasure.

Now that Halloween is nigh, candy corn (already a controversial candy in itself) has taken the place of Peeps on store shelves — and, as it turns out, on pizza, too. Chuck E. Cheese's has a cheese pizza that resembles candy corn but doesn't actually contain the sweet ingredient.

But we're talking about actually melting candy corn on top of cheesy, tomato-saucy pizza. Yes, it's a real thing thanks to one now-viral tweet:

But just like last time, we didn't want to knock it 'til we tried it, so we had three people with trusted palates — Giada De Laurentiis, Curtis Stone and TODAY's Al Roker — give us their honest reviews.

Long story short: They hated it. Shocker.

But we learned some valuable lessons aside from that:

  1. Al is very selfless. He was willing to take one for the team so Giada wouldn't have to subject herself to the sweet and tomato-y atrocity.
  2. Giada has a very strong sense of smell. She had to close the pizza box and asked that Al stop yelling after he tried it because, well, it smelled like vomit.
  3. Curtis, who was born in Australia, had never tried candy corn before. He didn't even know what it was. And he was happier that way.
  4. Al shows us, once again, that he is very comfortable discussing his bodily functions.

If it's not already apparent, the taste test is definitely worth a watch. Goodbye (hopefully) forever, candy corn pizza.