The cutest candy corn-inspired desserts for Halloween

Candy corn just might be our favorite Halloween treat (well, aside from those fun-size Twix bars) so we're all about these candy corn-inspired confections — cakes, cookies, fudge and even a fruit parfait — that are just as sweet and colorful as the real thing. The best part: Most are super easy to scare up.  

White chocolate candy corn pretzel fudge


Fudge gets a fun Halloween upgrade when it’s studded with candy corn and pretzel pieces. (We love that sweet-salty combo!) It’s easy enough that your kids can help. The hardest part is letting it set in the fridge for the necessary 3-5 hours.

Get the recipe: Candy corn pretzel fudge.

Candy corn cake


Meet your Halloween party showstopper. Sure, this gorgeous cake will take you all afternoon to assemble, but it’ll be so worth it when you cut into that perfectly piped candy corn-inspired icing and reveal three pretty layers… swoon.

Get the recipe: Candy corn cake.

Candy corn sugar cookie bars


Yes, you could painstakingly roll and cut out candy corn-shaped sugar cookies, or you could make these awesome frosted tri-color sugar cookie bars and cut them into triangles. Guess which one we’re baking?

Get the recipe: Candy corn sugar cookie bars.

Candy corn fudge


This smooth, creamy fudge gets all of its Halloween cuteness from the yellow, orange and white colors — not to mention the candy corn shape you can cut it into. Best of all, with just three ingredients, it’s super easy to make.

Get the recipe: Candy corn fudge.

Candy corn pudding pops


We’re kind of freaking out over these candy corn pudding pops from Melissa from No. 2 Pencil, and we’d like to eat one....right now.

Get the recipe: Candy corn pudding pops.

Healthy Halloween snack candy corn fruit cocktail


There’s nothing healthy about candy corn but you can offset all the sugar — a little bit, anyway — with this candy corn-inspired fruit parfait. Just layer pineapple chunks and clementine slices with a little whipped cream and add a garnish of the real thing. So easy!

Get the recipe: Candy corn fruit cocktail.

Candy corn Oreo milkshake


Blend together candy corn flavored Oreos and vanilla ice cream to recreate this delicious Halloween milkshake. This sweet treat is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday with your kids! Put it in a festive mug like this jack-o-lantern mason jar to add a unique touch.

Get the recipe: My Baking Addiction.

Candy corn cheesecake mousse


Cheesecake mousse gets a fun Halloween twist with this delicious candy-corn inspired recipe. One thing is for sure - you will impress all of your party guests with your creative and colorful concoction.

Get the recipe here: Glorious Treats.

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