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Can FOODsniffer really sense whether meat is still good to eat?

FOODsniffer ads say it can advise you instantly if meat, fish or poultry you're about to serve is fresh and safe to eat. Does it work?
/ Source: TODAY

It happens to all of us: Some uncooked chicken or ground beef has been in the fridge for a few days, and at some point you start to wonder if it's still good to eat. A new gadget claims it can actually tell you if that meat's still good, in seconds — just by "sniffing" it.

Friday on TODAY, Rossen Reports' special series "Does It Work?" looked at FOODsniffer, whose ads describe it as "an electronic sensing device that can advise you instantly if the meat, fish or poultry you're about to serve your family is fresh and safe to eat."

When TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen tried out FOODsniffer, the results were revealing.

The company that makes FOODsniffer told NBC News that many factors affect how quickly food spoils, and that the USDA provides guidance on "how consumers should behave in most common situations with extra precaution... but it's not a holy grail."

But many doctors disagree. NBC News medical contributor Dr. John Torres says, "The FOODsniffer is a fun gadget to play around with, but those guidelines are there for a reason."

The FOODsniffer sells for $130.

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