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Move over, s'mores: Campfire cones are the hottest fireside dessert

Not only is this treat fun to make and sweet to eat, it's also a lot less messy than s'mores.
Campfire cones combine s'mores fillings and waffle cones, heated over a campfire — or even in your air fryer.
Campfire cones combine s'mores fillings and waffle cones, heated over a campfire — or even in your air fryer.Terri Peters
/ Source: TODAY

Move over, s'mores — there's a brand new fireside treat in town and it's exponentially less messy.

Campfire cones, waffle cones filled with chocolate, marshmallows and other toppings, warmed over a campfire, are so hot right now.

Lina Darnell, a recipe and DIY content creator for the blog Hip2Save, created her own take on the gooey treat and shared some tips.

"I love campfire cones because they're a unique twist to traditional s'mores and the result is a delicious, sweet, gooey treat," Darnell told me. "It's a fun group activity to have everyone design their own fruit or candy combinations."

Darnell says she first heard about campfire cones when her children were younger and involved with scouting and camping. Now, when she serves them up at home, she provides a variety of fixings like mini marshmallows, sliced bananas, chocolate squares, berries and butterscotch chips.

"My favorite combo is peanut butter Reese's candy and melted, gooey marshmallows," she added.

Darnell recommends serving the fillings for campfire cones charcuterie-style.Terri Peters

And, Darnell likes to get creative when assembling her ingredients. In another recent post for Hip2Save, she created a s'mores "charcuterie" board filled with everything from chocolate graham crackers to Oreo cookies.

"You could also include the ingredients to make campfire cones on a giant board like this," Darnell explained.

Making campfire cones is simple: Fill a waffle cone with whatever ingredients your heart desires, cover the opening with foil and hold over a campfire (or lay across a grate) for three to five minutes, until the insides achieve melty perfection.

My raspberry-chocolate-marshmallow campfire cones, ready for the air fryer.Terri Peters

In her post, Darnell recommends heating cones in an oven for five to eight minutes at 375 F if you're not on a camping trip. Always a fan of the air fryer, I cooked my cones, which I filled with mini marshmallows, raspberries and chocolate squares, in my favorite appliance at 400 F for five minutes and was rewarded with a gooey, warm treat only made better by the crunch of the waffle cone.

With a summer treat this simple and delicious, I can see grazing boards, covered in berries, candy, marshmallows and chocolate, plus cones for filling, in my family's future for summers to come.