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Camila Alves cooks up 3 make-ahead meals that are perfect for busy parents

Camila Alves, lifestyle expert and mom of three, shares her favorite busy weeknight meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Camila Alves McConaughey, a lifestyle expert and mom of three, breaks down an easy make-ahead Monday meal by using repeat ingredients you can buy in bulk. Start the week off with 2.5 pounds of ground chicken that you cook and save for the rest of your weekday meals. "I use chicken instead of turkey because my kids love it, and I can easily incorporate it into meals later in the week," says Camila.

First, she demonstrates her 15-minute chicken and pasta bowl. She uses dark meat chicken meat for its additional flavor and tenderness. Says the busy mom, "I know dark meat can get a bad rep because it's fattier, but it makes for a richer, tastier sauce."

Next, using leftover chicken, she whips up a veggie-packed sweet potato bowl that's full of protein, and amino acids. It can also be made in advance for a quick lunch.

Lastly, Camila creates something delicious for the most important meal of the day — which also happens to be the one under the biggest time crunch. Her signature breakfast bites are a "saving grace on busy mornings." These grab-and-go egg-and-chicken bites are packed with protein to keep you and your family fuller longer. Plus, with the added bonus of spinach, these cups are a great way to incorporate a leafy green to start your day with some veggies.

15-Minute Chicken Pasta

This 15-minute pasta is fun and delicious for the whole family. "My kids like rotini, it gets nice and saucy and is a fun shape they enjoy."

Sweet Potato Chicken Bowl

With pre-cooked chicken and pre-made rice, this veggie-packed lunch can be whipped up in minutes.

Breakfast can be quick and nutritious with these protein-packed chicken and spinach breakfast bites.