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Camila Alves' go-to breakfast? Eggs with all kinds of savory goodness

Brazilian model, mom of three and wife to Matthew McConaughey Camila Alves has a special breakfast routine: eggs with olives and no coffee.

When it comes to breakfast, Brazilian model (and wife of Matthew McConaughey) Camila Alves is not about side dishes — she's happy to mix her eggs with all kinds of ingredients!

Before Alves demonstrated her favorite weeknight dinners Wednesday morning, TODAY made sure the mom of three had her go-to breakfast to nosh on as part of our new #BreakfastTODAY series.

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

TODAY: How do you like your eggs?

Camila Alves: Scrambled with green olives, spinach and bacon added in. I have the olives because I love salty stuff. I have the spinach in there because you need nutrients, and cooking the bacon and then adding it helps get rid of some of the grease, I think.

Who's your ideal breakfast buddy?

My family. If it’s on the weekend, we do a big breakfast. But if it’s during the week, we gotta eat and we gotta go.

What's one of your go-to breakfasts for the kids (she and McConaughey have three under age 10) during the week?

The kids love when I do flat eggs. Get an egg and cook it one side, flip it over, smash it down and there it is.

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

What would happen if you didn't get your morning coffee?

I can’t drink coffee. It gives me the shakes, but I love ginger tea. It wakes me up just enough but it just kind of grounds me. Ginger Aid is the one that I drink. If I didn’t have it, I just kind of get a little all over the place.

How often do you hit the snooze button?

I can’t hit the snooze button. I’m not allowed to do that with kids. I did this morning though twice because I don’t have the kids.

What would you say if you had to give yourself a pep talk in the morning?

I don’t really do pep talks, but every time I get the kids to school on time, I’m like 'You did it!' I high five myself.