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Meet the 'Selfieccino,' the coffee drink with your face on it

A London café has already sold over 400 drinks to selfie-obsessed fans since launching the beverage just three days ago.
/ Source: TODAY

These days, it seems like each important (and sometimes even the not-so-important) moments of our lives must be documented via a selfie to prove that it really happened.

We pose for selfies to announce engagements, show ourselves at historic landmarks and, sometimes, even smile with our food before digging into an especially decadent dinner. So is it really any surprise that people are now drinking their own selfies? Not really.

Behold the "Selfieccino," a new beverage invented by the baristas at Tea Terrace, an upscale tea and coffee spot in London. Unlike traditional latte art, however, the baristas here actually use a machine to imprint your selfie directly onto the foam.

To drink your face, all you need to do is text your favorite selfie to the café’s online messaging app, which then is downloaded by a barista and put into a machine they call the Cino. The machine then imprints that very selfie into your drink using a flavorless food coloring agent and the whole process takes just four minutes.

For caffeiene addicts who can't enough 'gramming in, the selfieccino is pretty much the best thing since, well, the selfie.

”Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted,“ Ehab Salem Shouly, owner of The Tea Terrace told Reuters. "It’s not enough any more to just deliver great food and great service ... it’s got to be Instagram worthy.” Since launching the drink just three days ago, Shouly says he's sold over 400 selfieccinos.

But are people ready to drink their own faces? Apparently, yes.

That selfieccino isn't cheap, of course. Just one will set you back 5.75 pounds (about $7.50 USD) but the images can be added to either a cappuccino or a hot chocolate, so non-coffee drinks don’t have to miss out on the fun.

We can't decide which over-the-top coffee beverage we'd rather enjoy this holiday season: a cappuccino with our face on it or a twinkling, sparkly latte with edible glitter!