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A burrito-stuffed bagel now exists — here's what's inside

It's the beefy breakfast we never knew we needed.
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/ Source: TODAY

What is a "bagelrito"?

While it's not as controversial as Cynthia Nixon's bagel order, it's definitely bound to divide a few New Yorkers.

Einstein Bros. Bagels, the chain known for its unique bagel flavors and double-whipped schmears recently announced it's testing a new concept that that will blow the minds of every diner partial to Mexican-American fare. The bagelrito features a classic bagel shaped like a burrito that's been stuffed with an actual tortilla filled with breakfast fare. It's basically an upgrade Hot Pocket.

If a big ol' breakfast burrito doesn't satiate you, try rolling it into bagel dough and baking it.Einstein Bros. Bagels

The limited-edition creation launched in October and is currently being tested in five Denver area locations. It's made with two cage-free eggs, turkey sausage, thick-cut bacon, three types of cheese, hash browns, salsa and green chiles. All the ingredients are stuffed into a tortilla, which is then wrapped in Asiago bagel dough, which is then baked. The portable breakfast feast has 930 calories "of fresh-baked deliciousness" and costs $6.99.

Most customers who have tasted it seemed totally amped and found the calorie count to be totally worth it.

Other folks just can't get over how fun "bagelrito" is to say.

A few, however, were disappointed but they still praised the chain for "a valiant effort" nonetheless.

Whether the bagelrito will be blessing bagel shops nationwide is up to the people of Colorado to decide. When it was first launched, Einstein Bros. asked every bagelrito buyer to complete a survey after eating the new dish in exchange for a chance to win a year's worth of bagels and a free egg sandwich voucher.

If the results are mostly positive, the chain will will consider expanding the test to other markets at a later date.