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Burrito-loving couple welcome newborn with adorable photoshoot

This little cutie is all wrapped up!
Sarah Swihart Photography
/ Source: TODAY

For new parents, there's nothing more delicious than a "baby burrito" — an adorable newborn tightly swaddled in a cozy wrap. But one burrito-loving couple took the term quite literally when staging a recent photoshoot to welcome their little one into the world.

Jessica Schuster, a manager at a Qdoba in Milwaukee, met her now-husband, Josh Schuester, last year on her first day of work at the burrito chain. "He was a customer who came in every day," she told TODAY Food. He continued to ask her out — and she continued to say no. As a single mother of three, she felt like she just didn't have time to date.

But one day, something in her heart changed and she decided to say yes to just one date. And she's incredibly thankful she took that leap of faith. The Schuesters have since tied the knot. Schuester said that Josh even considered proposing at Qdoba. Though that didn't happen, they weren't about to let their opportunity to showcase their burrito obsession pass them by.

Earlier this month, the couple welcomed their first child together: son Sebastian, born May 13.

Jessica Schuester's sister, Sarah Swihart, happens to be photographer, so when the couple began discussing potential newborn photoshoot options, they knew they could get creative.

"We had to do a Qdoba photo seeing as that’s where we met, and had it not been for Qdoba, we would never have had our little bundle of joy," said Sebastian's mom.

"I always ask my clients what hobbies/jobs they have, so we can incorporate that into their session," Swihart, who owns her own photography studio, told TODAY via email. So, naturally, she was excited to incorporate her sister's love for the burrito chain into the shoot.

A quick Google search revealed that plenty of blankets that look like burritos are currently for sale online, however none of them would have arrived close enough to her sister's due date, Swihart said. So the photographer ended up making the blanket herself and staging all of the delicious extras seen in the photo. She even used actual foil from Qdoba.

But a burrito isn't the couple's only food obsession.

Schuester said that they also took some photos incorporating Domino's pizza into the mix since her husband delivers pizza for Domino's part-time.

Schuester added that she and her husband are planning more Qdoba and Domino's-themed photos of Sebastian to show him off at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Of course, food-themed baby shoots are nothing new.

This darling garnered lots of attention when his mom measured his age in pizza slices. And this toddler was absolutely adorable dressed up in a custom Waffle House uniform for his breakfast-themed birthday party.