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Burger King's Whopperrito is the Whopper-stuffed burrito of your dreams

Would you try this Whopper and burrito hybrid from Burger King?
/ Source: TODAY

Burger King is testing out its latest over-the-top idea: the Whopperrito. From black burgers to fiery red burgers, here at TODAY Food, we're all in when it comes to checking out whatever the mad geniuses at BK come up with, so we had to find out more about this mashup.

A combo of two of America's most beloved foods, burgers and burritos, the Whopperrito is a burrito stuffed with a Whopper. Yeah, that sounds crazy, and we like it.

Instead of a bun, the ingredients (burger, melted American cheese, pickles, white onion, tomato and mayonnaise) are rolled up inside a flour tortilla. Hmm, maybe that will make it easier to eat it one handed. You know, one hand on your Whopperrito and the other on your 40-ounce non-diet soda (because why even try to save calories at this point?)

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After tasting and loving the frighteningly good black Halloween Whopper several months ago, we're totally game for checking out this hybrid. But we'll have to wait. Right now, the Whopperrito is being tested at select Burger King locations in Pennsylvania (plus Ohio and Texas, according to NBC News). Fingers crossed that this behemoth will eventually go nationwide, though Burger King told TODAY Food that right now the Whopperrito is a regional product only and there are no plans for a national rollout.

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