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Burger King's Green Bay Whopper comes with a staggering 8 slices of cheese

This is certainly one way to meet your daily dairy requirement.
/ Source: TODAY

This is truly one whopper of a Whopper.

Select Burger King restaurants in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are now selling a new Whopper that comes with eight slices of American cheese.

Yes, you read that right. We said eight slices of cheese, which is either the most mind-blowing, fast-food culinary creation ever — or a meal that might make you lactose intolerant just thinking about it.

The burger, which has been dubbed the Green Bay Whopper Sandwich, features all of the ingredients that come with a traditional Whopper burger (including pickles, lettuce, onions and tomatoes), with the added bonus of all that extra cheese in a salute to “cheeseheads,” the nickname given to people who reside in the cheese-loving state of Wisconsin, as well as fans of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, who are known for wearing cheese hats to football games.

The burger has received mixed reviews on social media from people who are both slightly in awe and perhaps a little terrified by the new creation:

The Green Bay Whopper Sandwich, which is being offered at just six Burger King locations, went on sale Sunday and will remain on the menu until Dec. 2. It costs an, ahem, whopping $4.49.

When not peddling Whoppers drenched in orange cheese, Burger King has used its signature sandwich to explain the concept of net neutrality and also enlisted its food to take on other serious social economic issues, such as the pink tax.

The chain has also tinkered with its menu by offering 10 chicken nuggets for just $1 and crispy pretzel chicken fries.

So if the ultra-cheesy Green Bay Whopper Sandwich isn't for you (or you're totally allergic to dairy), there's a good chance the King is working on something new that will whet your appetite soon.