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Burger King rolls out bright red Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos

For cheese lovers, it's definitely a Gouda time to be alive.
/ Source: TODAY

Mac n' Cheetos are back at Burger King ... and they're cheddar — and redder — than ever!

OK, don't hate us for saying that. But it's true: fast food's love affair with grocery snack items is continuing at full speed, and the latest pairing united under the Burger King crown combines macaroni and cheese with spicy dusted Cheetos: behold Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos.

The Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos are a red hot version of the chain's 2016 cheesy snack: gooey macaroni and cheese sticks are encased in a fiery red crust made from Flamin' Hot Cheetos crumbs. We know, you can just hear the crunch and taste the melty goodness right now.

In 2016, the fast-food chain released a less spicy version using regular 'ol Cheetos as the crunchy casing. They brought it back this past May and sold out quickly, though not everyone was delighted.

At least BK managed to release a crusty stick that actually had cheese in it, though.

A version of these bad boys has been available in Walmart, and made a fan of at least one user:

And some folks just can't wait to lay their hands on the spicy version:

But there are some folks with reservations:

"We know our guests loved our creamy Mac n’ Cheetos and we heard their requests for a Flamin’ Hot version," Alex Macedo, president, North America, Burger King, said in a news release. "We accepted the dare to reinvent this favorite limited time only menu item."

Yeah, you read that right: Like the previous versions, this love match — which will be available nationwide starting Nov. 30 — will be flamin' out soon.

For now, five bites will cost just $2.69.

That is a price we bet people will be willing to pay. After all, can you really put a dollar amount on true love ... or clogged arteries?

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