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Whopper flopper: Burger King charged a man over $1,000 for just 1 burger during promotion

Burger King offered 1 cent Whoppers for customers who ordered their signature burger at a McDonald's. But all did not go as planned for one man.
/ Source: TODAY

It's all fun and games until someone gets charged $1,100 for a burger.

Earlier this month, plenty of people were pretty excited when Burger King began offering 1 cent Whoppers in exchange for taking a subtle jab at its biggest competitor, McDonald's.

On Dec. 4, the chain told its followers on Twitter that if they drove within 600 feet of a Mickey D's and opened the Burger King mobile app, they would then qualify for a 1 cent Whopper deal. The promo actually lasts through Wednesday, Dec. 12.

This isn't the first time BK has thrown a little fire into its marketing promotions. In November, the chain began promoting its new delivery service with some pretty unique ads, showing actual photos from accidents where cars had crashed into restaurants with the phrase, "Leave it [as in delivery] to us." And last December, it trolled McDonald's with a fiery holiday gift.

To some, the promo was purely "diabolical."

But, nonetheless, it was an undeniably good deal.

That is, until one California customer got charged a good deal more than 1 cent — more than $1,093.90 than he was supposed to.

On Monday, KTRK reported that Boyce Harvey of Los Angeles ended up paying a hefty price for taking the Whopper Detour deal — and received a huge overdraft on his account because of it.

The burger blunder has garnered almost as much attention as the original promotion on social media.

Some think this customer got the old shakedown by Burger King — and he didn't even order a special milkshake.

One tweeter suspected that the slip was arranged by an enemy mastermind.

Ronald McDonald has neither confirmed nor denied his participation in such a plan.

Though a Burger King spokesperson would not release additional details about Harvey's transaction, she did confirm to TODAY Food that the overcharge indeed did occur and released the following statement, "We’ve seen tremendous success with the Whopper Detour promotion since its launch last week. We can confirm that the case concerning this guest is related to an isolated technical issue, and we’re taking this very seriously. We’ve been in direct contact with the guest to ensure a full refund is issued immediately."

Maybe he'll score a few extra burgers, too.