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Burger King asked Wendy's to prom — and the reply did not disappoint

Even fast food chains are feeling the love this spring!
/ Source: TODAY

With the upcoming royal wedding about a week away, love must truly be in the air.

Things are so lovey-dovey, in fact, it appears two fast food rivals have recently put their differences aside and agreed to celebrate a time-honored tradition together.

On Wednesday, a Boston-area Burger King asked a neighboring Wendy’s location to the prom.

Wendy’s agreed to the prom-posal in its typical, hilarity-inducing style ... but with a few guidelines because a lady certainly has the right to set any boundaries before a date.

It looks like the king of burgers has finally found his beefy queen!

The Burger King restaurant was so excited that they even changed their storefront sign with an emphatic declaration:

People on social media are also getting into the unlikely fast food romance.

Even MoonPie is getting into the mix, though they appeared to be a little jealous of the new duo.

While Burger King and McDonald’s have been arch rivals (pun intended) for quite some time, Wendy’s has been getting rather savage lately, too, with a series of social media takedowns aimed at McDonald's mostly-frozen beef patties:

Burger King often trolls McDonald’s, too, like when they gave the golden arches the “gift of fire” in a holiday commercial (again, to poke fun at their frozen patties) or the time when they offered Halloween burgers to those who dressed as scary clowns.