Bulletproof coffee: Inside the Santa Monica cafe home to the butter-coffee trend

The buzz around "Bulletproof coffee" — which entails juicing your cup of joe with a dose of butter — has been building for a few years, and now there's a whole coffee shop in California dedicated to the trend.

So, should you put butter in your coffee?

We've been hearing about Bulletproof since 2013, and at first we thought it would be a passing fad. Fans swear it's a brain booster, and fills them up with a little extra nutrition that's lacking from their normal caffeine fix.

Since the craze shows no signs of slowing down, TODAY took a visit to the Santa Monica cafe — aptly named Bulletproof Coffee — to find out if it's worth a try.

Is Bulletproof coffee worth adding to your routine? Fans at this Santa Monica coffee shop gave the trendy drink the thumbs up.

WATCH: Inside California's Bulletproof Coffee

What exactly is in Bulletproof coffee?

  • "Mold-tested" low-toxin coffee beans
  • Grass-fed unsalted butter
  • "Brain octane" oil extract
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Butter coffee: Extra energy or just extra fat?

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Butter coffee: Extra energy or just extra fat?

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So, what do people think?

Coffee drinkers at the Bulletproof outpost seemed happy to endorse the drink, telling us, "It's richer and fuller" and "I was shocked to not taste a buttery greasiness."

If you're in the market for a sample, know that a small cup contains 230 calories and 26g of fat and costs $4.25.

That seems well worth it to one fan, who told us: "I almost feel embarrassed for regular coffee."

Courtesy of Bulletproof
Bulletproof Coffee Shop, Santa Monica