Bugging out: TODAY anchors sample grasshopper tacos

In doing their part to heed the United Nations' recommendation to eat more insects in order to help fight hunger and global warming, the TODAY anchors took part in a breakfast of bugs on Thursday — with mixed results.

Al Roker spearheaded the insect breakfast after reading that the United Nations is asking people to consume more edible insects to help lessen global warming, hunger and pollution. Chef Julian Medina of the popular restaurant Toloache in Manhattan prepared the protein-packed feast of grasshopper tacos for Al, Willie Geist, Natalie Morales, and MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

"Alex, I don't know if you picked the best day to come (on the show),'' Geist warned.

Crickets, bugs, worms: It’s what’s for dinner!

The anchors bit into some sautéed fried grasshopper with jalapeno and onion on a tortilla. Al nibbled on his, while Natalie was hesitant to join the nearly 2 billion people worldwide who eat bugs until her fellow anchors peer-pressured her by chanting her name. Then this happened:


Willie was having a little trouble holding his grasshopper delight down as well but powered through with a fist pump. Al then asked Medina to leave a few behind for Natalie to "nosh on."


Wagner, meanwhile, looks like she might be ordering some grasshopper tacos for dinner in the future, saying they would be good with some lime juice. All four anchors then began quickly passing around the one bottle of water they had between them.