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'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro says Gigi Hadid 'cried' when she first met him

Gigi Hadid's reaction when she met Buddy Valastro really takes the cake.
/ Source: TODAY

Buddy Valastro and Gigi Hadid seem about as likely a duo as peanut butter and pickles, but they actually work together about as well as peanut butter and jelly.

The “Cake Boss” star said the supermodel actually burst into tears when they met after they recently got together to work on decorating some cakes for Harper’s Bazaar.

“When I met her for the first time, when she saw me, she really cried," he told TMZ. "Because she watched ‘Cake Boss’ growing up and she watched it with her family. She knows the whole opening line sequence. It’s crazy.

"And we spent about four or six hours together and I got to tell you she is such an amazing person, beautiful. She’s even more beautiful on the inside than outside and, honestly, true salt of the earth. We had so much fun making a cake together and actually talented. Like, really great eye for color and details.”

Hadid is a huge fan of Valastro and his work. He even made her birthday cake last year and sent her a video wishing her a happy birthday, which she shared on her Instagram.

"The icing on the perfect quarantine bday was finding out my surprise everything-bagel-cake was made by the one and only Cake Boss @buddyvalastro who I have watched for over a decade,” she wrote in the caption.

“I CRIED REAL TEARS! BUDDY! This is a dream come true. I can’t believe you made this cake for me while the bakery is closed. It means more to me than you know, and when we hopefully meet some day you will truly know that there almost isn’t an episode I’ve missed. 10/10 would be a Carlo’s intern whenever needed.”

Valastro is also continues along the road to recovery after his hand was impaled in a bowling accident last year.

“I got about 90% of my strength back,” he told TMZ.

He had fears that he wouldn’t be able to bake anymore and was open about the mental toll the accident took on him, but he began working on his craft again. He said he had surgery about five weeks before shooting the new season of his Food Network series, “Buddy vs. Duff.”

“Before that surgery, I couldn’t even bend my fingers down. But the doctor released the tendons and cut out a bunch of scar tissue,” he said.

He didn’t know how’d be able to bake but, fortunately, it worked out.

“We made some of the best cakes we ever made in our lives on this new season,” he said.