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Brunch is out and 'linner' is in, according to Mariah Carey

The diva herself has spoken and fans agree that late morning is too early for a meal with friends.
/ Source: TODAY

It's pretty safe to assume that everyone loves brunch, right? Well, actually, think again. Mariah Carey is apparently not a fan of the late morning meal.

Mimi has spoken — and she's declared brunch is officially over.

The singer, who sticks to a rather interesting diet of only smoked salmon and capers (um, brunch food much?) took to Twitter this weekend to explain her thoughts on the breakfast-lunch hybrid.

“A friend called and asked me to do brunch,” she wrote. “Come on.. I don't do brunch, it's daytime!!”

The singer, obviously, has better things to do with her days ... like sleep, maybe?

“I suggested 'linner' instead,” she posted, adding a definition for her meal of choice: "a late dinner!”

Jordan Strauss / AP

After Carey's recent New Year's Eve performance, which many called a rebound from her less-than-stellar show in 2016, the "Heartbreaker" singer was already off to an incredible 2018. What's more, her request for a cup of hot tea on stage had many fans excited to see the singer's diva demeanor was still thriving.

When she tweeted on Saturday, scores of fans could hardly contain themselves. Mimi-inspired food memes quickly made the rounds.

Some fans were shocked with the new decree, mourning the loss of their favorite weekend pastime. Still, most were quick to oblige.

One fan wrote, "the queen as spoken." Others shared videos of Carey acting like the queen she is.

Carey, however is no stranger to making waves with her declarative statements, and her "linner" post is no exception.

Some took to Twitter to argue what the term actually means. Though Carey defines the meal as a late dinner, others say it's actually a late lunch, or a combination of the words "lunch" and "dinner."

Others took issue with the idea that Carey "invented" the phrase, which has been around for decades. A character on "Seinfeld" used the phrase in an episode that aired in the 1990s.

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton even weighed in, arguing that "linner'" is a term the LGBTQ community has been using for many years.

Still, Carey's biggest fans have already made up their minds. "Linner," they say, is now here to stay.

So just one questions remains: Will you be dragging your friends out of bed in the wee afternoon hours of the weekend to eat ... or will "linner" become your new go-to meal?