Britney has a pizzeria?! I'll take a slice of Womanizer, please!

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Britney Spears opens a pizza shop

Pop-star pizzeria? With news that Britney Spears may be opening a pizza and meatball shop in Planet Hollywood, the same resort she's negotiating to do a Las Vegas show in (of course), we started speculating what kind of Britney-influenced pies this shop might serve. Not surprisingly, it got a little weird. After all, it's Britney, b!@#$.

The Stronger

If you're going to be "stronger than yesterday," you're going to need a pie piled high with protein. We're imagining the Stronger as a triple-meat special (sausage, pepperoni and meatball), maybe with a dash of immunity-boosting garlic. No cheese.

The Gimme More

We pretty much sing this song whenever we're eating pizza, because we want all the pizza, right? Since this is from one of Brit's more "interesting" phases, we like to picture the Gimme More piled high with all the ingredients that make traditional pizza fans crazy. BBQ chicken, pineapple, cheese grits, Cheetos and a few doughnuts just to make it fun.

The Ooh La La

Light and fluffy, the video for this song features Brit dancing with her sons and a bunch of Smurfs. The Ooh La La is family-friendly, filling and easy. Topped with a sweet tomato sauce and cheese, with one half pepperoni and meatballs. Obviously this people pleaser comes with a side salad and fountain soda.

The Baby One More Time

"My loneliness is killing me...." Obviously this song is about the best pizza you've ever eaten, and all you want to do is eat it again, but you can't because it's far away, too expensive or maybe it doesn't like you anymore (sorry, carried away). For us the Baby One More Time would be a thin-crust pizza topped with smoked mozzerella, thinly sliced lemons, cracked pepper, fresh basil and piles of arugula. What's your all-time best pizza?


You know it's bad for you, you know just it is, but you want it anyway. The Womanizer is the worst pizza for you, but you don't care, you're gonna have it. Double dough Sicilian-style, crust stuffed with cheese, sausage, pepperoni, double cheese and maybe a side of wings? Yeah.

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