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Bread or baby? The newest weird food trend compares infants' arms to rolls

Japanese moms are giving a whole new meaning to buns in the oven with a new viral hashtag #mybabysgotthebestbread.
/ Source: TODAY

Japanese moms are giving a whole new meaning to buns in the oven.

While most of us have cooed 'We could just eat you up!' at chubby tots (and not just the potato kind), one perceptive mama recently noticed an uncanny similarity between her child's arms and a loaf of bread.

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And because we live in the internet age, a hashtag was born: #我が子の最強ちぎりパン画像 or #mybabysgotthebestbread.

Social media-savvy parents have been posting photo after photo of plump baby arms and legs next to a pull-apart bun that's only available at 7-Eleven stores in Japan.

The comparisons are, well, bread on. Just take a look:

Most of the adorable infants seem oblivious to their newfound fame, even though they're clearly giving the Pillsbury Doughboy some competition in the rolls department.

This isn't the first time food and Japanese babies have sparked a viral trend — in December, parents took to Instagram to post photos of their #babyriceballs.

If only carbs were always so cute.