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Boy's reaction to getting ketchup for Christmas is pure holiday joy

In Sawyer's eyes, there's no topping this condiment.
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing like watching a kid receive exactly what he asked for on Christmas.

And when a little boy named Sawyer asked his aunt for a bottle of ketchup, she delivered.

On Sunday, Morgan Deichert tweeted a video of her nephew opening his Christmas present. As he unwrapped the box, he became more excited than an elf on Christmas Eve upon discovering its contents.

By Wednesday, the video had nearly 5 million views and appeared on TODAY's "Daly Click" with Carson Daly.

"We all know and love the joy on kids' faces when they get exactly what they want when they ask that from Santa, and all this little boy wanted for Christmas was some condiments," Carson said. "Wait 'til he discovers pigs in a blanket."

"Whoa. Ketchup! Ketchup! Ketchup is in here ... What's in here? Ketchup? Look at what's in there! Ketchup is in there," the boy said excitedly in the video.

Tweeters loved Sawyer's reaction.

It spread holiday joy.

And several tweeters agreed ketchup, one of the healthier condiments out there, makes everything taste better.

Spaghetti, though?

Others empathized with the Sawyer's obsession — but about ranch, which also has a cult following of people who buy entire kegs of it.

Despite a unanimous love of condiments, there weren't too many mentions of mayo. Maybe because we can all agree that watching a young child's delight upon receiving ketchup is far superior than watching two girls eat mayo by the spoonful.

On Christmas Day, Deichert posted again and requested followers donate money to her Venmo account to "buy Sawyer more ketchup."

Whether the tweet was a joke or not has not been confirmed and Deichert has yet to respond to TODAY Food's request for comment Wednesday morning. But the follow-up post received a mix of support and backlash.

Some tweeters said Deichert ruined the sweet video.

And thought she capitalized on her nephew's cute-factor for some extra cash.

Others happily contributed to the fund.

And offered to mail Sawyer ketchup directly.

We can't even imagine what Sawyer will do if he gets to open 10 packages of ketchup.

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