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'Boy Meets World' lovebirds reunite for Panera's new Valentine's Day ad

Love is in the air — and so is the scent of flatbread pizza!
Topanga Lawrence and Cory Matthews are all grown up!
Topanga Lawrence and Cory Matthews are all grown up!Panera
/ Source: TODAY

"Boy Meets World" fans, place your pizza orders and get ready to party: Topanga and Cory are back together!

Together in a new, hilarious ad for Panera Breads, that is.

The ad, which debuted Tuesday and is directed by Savage's brother Fred, takes the form of a trailer for a romantic comedy called "Forever Flatbreads" starring Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage. And while neither of them are referred to by their classic "World" character names, we know it's them.

In the video, Topanga and Cory — that is, Fishel and Savage — stride up to the Panera Breads counter to order the same thing: pizza. They appear to know one another, and are thrilled to be part of this fateful reunion. As they sit down to enjoy their 'za orders, they reenact several classic rom-com scenes from movies including "Pretty Woman," "Sixteen Candles," "Love Actually and "When Harry Met Sally."

Ben Savage apologizes (left) in a very "Love, Actually" (right) style.
Ben Savage apologizes (left) in a very "Love, Actually" (right) style.Panera / Universal Pictures

We're especially fond of the setup that shows Savage taking the last slice of pizza, admitting he didn't know Fishel would want it. "I wanted you to want me to want it!" she cries, storming off.

That leads to Savage standing outside the window, holding another pizza and apologetic handwritten signs on pizza box lids, a la "Love, Actually."

And of course the whole thing ends up with them sitting on top of a dining room table, pizzas between them, ready to kiss, a scene taken straight out of "Sixteen Candles."

Danielle Fishel and Savage (left) re-enact "Sixteen Candles" (right).
Danielle Fishel and Savage (left) re-enact "Sixteen Candles" (right).Panera / Universal Pictures

It might not be as steamy as the telenovela-style mini-movie starring Mario Lopez as KFC's Colonel Sanders from December, but it is far more cheesy.

"We had such a nice time together," Savage told Us Weekly. "Danielle was a total pro, and obviously, we've grown up together, so it's always nice just getting the chance to reunite and work with someone that you’ve known since you were a kid."

Both actors posted the ad on their Instagrams; in Fishel's caption, she wrote, "@panerabread really knows the way to a girl's heart! 😍 Had a blast reuniting with @bensavage over flatbread pizza."

Young Savage and Fishel on "Boy Meets World."ABC Photo Archives

Topanga and Cory were the two key lovebird characters in "Boy Meets World," which ran from 1993 to 2000, and "Girl Meets World," which ran from 2014 to 2017, and any signs of them possibly reuniting on camera or in the real world gets longtime fans buzzing with nostalgia — several posted in the Instagram comments that they couldn't wait for the full-length feature film version of the ad!

And if this has gotten your nostalgia revving and your stomach rumbling, Panera Breads is here to help: It's offering a "TGIF" promo code (which stands for Thank God It's Flatbread, obviously), which will get you 50% off any flatbread between Feb. 9 and 16. All you have to do is enter the promo code in the Panera app or bring it to one of the bakery-cafés to redeem the offer.

"You had me at pepperoni," says Fishel at the end of the ad. This is an ad with all the toppings — love, humor, nostalgia, you name it. The only thing missing is an appearance from Mr. Feeny.