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Boston voter goes viral sporting Pats gear and 'Dunkies' while voting at Fenway Park

Massachusetts voter, Laura Eastaugh, runs — and votes — on Dunkin'!
Laura Eastaugh brought the perfect accessory with her on her way to vote: an iced coffee from Dunkin'.
Laura Eastaugh brought the perfect accessory with her on her way to vote: an iced coffee from Dunkin'.lauralegitlivejournal / TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

Boston voters run on Dunkin' — just ask Laura Eastaugh.

When the 29-year-old went to cast an early vote at Boston's Fenway Park over the weekend, she put together the perfect outfit to show off her hometown pride.

The Brighton, Massachusetts resident threw on a Patriots jersey and a Boston sports face mask, and she also brought along a classic New England accessory: a cup of "Dunkies," aka a coffee from Dunkin'.

Eastaugh and her 'Dunkies' drink have gone viral in recent days after a video of an endearing interview she gave a local news channel won the hearts of social media users. During the brief clip, Eastaugh explains why she decided to vote at one of Boston's most iconic landmarks.

“I wanted to vote at Fenway because we’ve all been cooped up inside for a little bit, and I got my 'Dunkies.' I’m ready to vote for Joe Biden, but I wish I was voting for Bernie Sanders — but it’s a team sport!” she said.

Twitter users instantly felt a kinship for the fun-loving Bostonian and appreciated her positive attitude.

Some people couldn't help but smile when they learned that many Bostonians call their Dunkin' drinks "Dunkies."

Many social media users even thought "Dunkies girl" should get her own commercial for either Biden or Dunkin'.

Before making her way to Fenway Park, Eastaugh stopped by her local Dunkin' to pick up her go-to drink: a medium blueberry iced coffee with oat milk. She was initially disappointed that she couldn't vote for her first pick, Sanders, but decided to make the most of the voting experience.

"The irony wasn't lost on me that politics is a team sport and we were voting at Fenway," she told TODAY Food over the phone.

While waiting outside, Eastaugh was hoping she could speak to a TV reporter and possibly encourage other Sanders supporters to vote.

"I kind of had the idea in my head all day, but I never really thought that it would come together the way I wanted it to," she said.

During her interview, Eastaugh proudly displayed her Dunkin' cup and exaggerated her Boston accent a bit.

"I was inspired by 'Saturday Night Live,'" she said, explaining that she pictured how the show would portray a stereotypical Bostonian who was heading to Fenway to vote.

In real life, the 29-year-old's voice is a bit more high-pitched, but she admits that her inner Boston accent does creep out sometimes. "Mine comes out more as a defense mechanism, when people are testing me," she said.

The Bostonian's video continues to go viral — and even caught the attention of "Late Night With Seth Meyers" host Seth Meyers.

As for Dunkin'? Well, the company hasn't reached out to Eastaugh just yet, but the 29-year-old is still holding out hope that they'll send her some token of their appreciation for being one of their biggest fans.

"I'm so surprised I haven't heard from them yet," she said.

Your move, Dunkin'!