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Blue wine may become your new summer drink

The summer's new drink isn't white, red or pink. It's blue! But would you drink it?
/ Source: TODAY

The summer’s new drink isn’t white, red or pink. It’s blue!

Named Blue Nun, this electric blue wine is the latest innovation by Spanish wine company Gik. According to the company, the wine is a blend of red and white grapes from four different areas in Spain: La Rioja, Castilla-La Mancha, León and Zaragoza.

Gik, a bright blue wine from Bierzo in northwest Spain, is made with red and white grapes.giklive/Instagram

So what does a blue wine taste like? Like a sweet white wine. Yes, really.

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The bright blue color is made with a pigment found in grape skin, called indigo, and a non-caloric sweetener.

The vividly colored wine was created by six 20-something Spanish entrepreneurs who wanted to do something different. Mission accomplished.

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Blue Nun is currently available in Spain and will spread to other countries, including the U.S., in the upcoming months.

Would you drink this blue wine? Tell us in the comments below.