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We recently learned that Lay’s came out with a Classic BLT flavor potato chip. That’s right: It’s a sandwich, all in one crispy chip vessel. Violet Beauregarde (the victim of food-flavored gumballs and a reminder of the dangers of meal-flavored snacks in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”) must be jumping for joy.

But we digress. In honor of this new treat, here are a few other crazy chip flavors, courtesy of our friends over at The Daily Meal.

Walkers, a potato crisp (chip) manufacturer in the U.K., makes a line of flavors just for the World Cup. Some ofthem demonstrate the worst kind of starch confusion: Spanish Chicken Paella, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, and French Garlic Baguette. But perhaps the craziest of all? Australian BBQ Kangaroo. Hey, the dingo ate my potato crisp!

Doritos Late Night All-Nighter Cheeseburger-Flavored tortilla chips

OK, technically not a potato chip, but remember the good old days of Doritos Late Night: Tacos at Midnight? For all those times you wanted tacos at midnight but couldn't bother assembling all the ingredients or getting in the car to head for the Taco Bell drive-thru? Well, here's an additional late-night option, one that does one better by adding "All-Nighter" flavor.

That's right: Doritos Late Night All-Nighter Cheeseburger-Flavored Tortilla Chips pack all the flavors of cheese, ketchup, onions, pickles, beef, and buns into individual tortilla chips. What ingredients could possibly convey all those flavors, you ask? Onion and garlic powder, cheddar, Swiss, mustard seed powder and "natural flavors" (including natural beef flavor).

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Pringles' Seaweed potato chips

Yes, seaweed snacks are eaten all across Asia — little kids on playgrounds in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo open up little plastic packets of seaweed strips during recess for tasty snacks. And seaweed's pretty much just salty flavor, so they're probably pretty tasty. But then again, seaweed is supposed to look green. Potato chips not so much.

Pringles' Grand Canyon French Fries

There's a special category of crazy potato chip flavors, a Twilight Zone of sorts. Let's call it "Incongruous Chip Flavors in the Land of the Lost" — "flavors" created with the help of geography and nonexistent culinary icons associated with that place.

Take, for instance, Pringles' New Yorker's Street Cheese Dog potato chips. New Yorker's Street Dirty Water Dog-flavored potato chips? Yes. New Yorker's Sauerkraut Dirty Water Dog on Stale Bun-flavored chips? Yes. But cheese dogs? No. Same with Pringles' Grand Canyon French Fries.

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Lay's Hot and Sour Fish Soup potato chips

It's always good to expand your horizons — sample the flavors and culinary icons of different countries. You never know what you might like. Who knows? Like some others, you might just find yourself falling in love with the amazing flavor of Lay's Hot and Sour Fish Soup-Flavored Potato Chips. Foil-packed fish flavor on a potato chip.

Walkers Chilli and Chocolate potato chips

"Chocolate and chili is not crazy," you're saying. "That's not a ridiculous flavor. If you were educated, you'd know that this is a long-treasured, sophisticated flavor pairing that goes back to the Aztecs."

Sure, sweet and savory, everyone knows about how great the chocolate and fried potato thing is. But really, you need a whole line of potato chips flavored with chocolate? We highly doubt the Aztecs flavored their potato chips with chocolate, too.

Doritos Crab Cream Gratin Pizza

Doritos Crab Cream Gratin Pizza, also not technically a potato chip, but definitely an assembly of several unholy flavors. But who knows, it probably tastes amazing.

Tell us, what's the craziest chip flavor you've had? See more at The Daily Meal.

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