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Internet debaters scramble over best way to take eggs out of a carton

It's an eggs-cellent question!
/ Source: TODAY

When someone asks you how you like your eggs, they're usually trying to find out how you prefer them cooked: scrambled, fried, or poached?

But a raging food debate has taken over the Twittersphere, that has social media users cracking up over a surprisingly simple quandary: What is the proper way to unpack a carton of eggs? Over the weekend, Twitter user Brian Faughnan posted a photo of an egg carton and asked egg-eaters if they unpack their cartons from right-to-left or from left-to-right.

The resulting discussion has led to an egg-splosive debate across Twitter, the likes of which we haven't seen since that viral toast-cutting dispute.

One might say there is no right way — an egg on the left or right side of the carton is still an egg. But in the past few days, many have taken to Twitter and joined one of four very distinct egg-unpacking camps: left to right/right to left, from the center out, from the outside in or, well, just randomly.

Left to right or right to left

Many people seem to think that plucking eggs from one side to the other is the best method because it's the most logical. Americans are accustomed to doing things in order, like reading from left to right. A few tweeters even suggested that they snap the carton in half when it gets to the halfway mark to save space and stabilize the carton.

From the center out

Those looking to find some balance in their fridges (and maybe just in life) fell into this camp. By grabbing eggs from the middle outwards, the carton remains balanced on the sides — unless, of course, you only end up with one egg at some point! But tweeters who follow this method noted that you don't have to worry about the carton accidentally falling as a result of an unruly weight imbalance.

Keeping things even

Like most works of art, egg cartons should also have a center point of gravity. Twitter users with this mindset answered Faughnan’s initial post with the idea that having no extra mass on the outside of the carton equated to a decreased chance of unruly spillage. A few Twitter innovators came up with ideas such as arranging the eggs in a zig-zag pattern, saying this symmetrical design would keep the weight evenly distributed.

All over the place

Not everyone is that methodical about egg carton unpacking, however. Many chimed into Twitter saying they just confidently pluck eggs out at random.

This is also Twitter we are talking about, so there were plenty of silly and downright nonsensical answers.

While hatching a plan on how to take eggs out of a carton is important, maybe people should stop being so hard boiled and just get cracking.